BioVinc (BV) has advanced a Bisphosphonate Bone Targeting Platform Technology in order to develop Therapeutic and Diagnostic leads to address several Unmet Medical Needs. These development leads include a preventative therapy for osteonecrosis of the jaw in oral surgery patients; bone selective antibiotics for infectious bone disease; and multiple imaging probes for the early diagnosis bone diseases. In vivo Proof of Concept data and a significant proprietary position have been established in each of these opportunities for development. The company is now working to develop these promising leads through to clinical evaluation. Our primary focus is an antibacterial therapy to prevent and treat Bone Infections/Osteomyelitis. We have also developed a pipeline of IP and future development products from our Platform Technology. Further validating the strength of its platform, BV has received impressive funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the form of four (non-dilutive) Phase I small business grant awards (SBIR/STTR), and two Phase II SBIR/STTR awards.

Our team and current working network of collaborators represent a world leading expertise in the use and development of drugs from bisphosphonate chemistry that has formerly produced several billion dollar therapies for the treatment of osteoporosis and the skeletal complications of cancer bone metastases. In particular, BV President and founder Dr. Frank Hal Ebetino was a member of the team that discovered and developed the bisphosphonate drug Actonel® for Osteoporosis at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, and BV founder and long-time academic bisphosphonate researcher, Professor Charles McKenna has developed multiple exciting antiviral and anti-cancer drug candidates. Together with founder and COO, Dr. Shuting Sun, another medicinal chemistry expert, and bone pharmacology expert Dr. Mark Lundy, Director of Biology, they leveraged their many years of bisphosphonate mechanistic expertise to design new bone targeted diagnostic probes to advance the understanding of bisphosphonate pharmacokinetics on the skeleton. The BV Platform Bone Targeting Technology has been further developed by this team to offer safer and more efficacious therapies and diagnostic agents based on this tissue selective drug design approach. As a result, BV continues to develop product opportunities in therapeutic areas, including Infectious bone disease, arthritis, multiple myeloma and other bone cancers, and related dental applications.

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